Quotes & Reviews

“Hard working Portland Power Pop Rockers HIT IT with their new record “Dangerous Game”. Packed with infectious energy, syrupy harmonies & big melodic sound, The CRY! are a switchblade hidden in a strawberry float. 

-Sean, Staff Writer, Pork Magazine #14

“The CRY have both crucial aspects of power pop: Style and substance. Their songs have all the hooks the EXPLODING HEARTS and GENERATION X, with impressive instrumental flourishes as well.”


"And to top it we go to Portland where we find the Cry! In some ways reminiscent of a more polite version of the unlucky Exploding Hearts writing short songs, pleasant, pulling out the best of retro garage-pop. ENJOY THIS GEM!"

 - Di Michele Bisceglia, Rolling Stone Magazine 

“The new record by The Cry ROCKS!   You're only 17 once in your life so get a copy of Dangerous Games and crank it up! One of the handful of new rock n roll bands in these United States that knows how to put their money where their mouths are.

-Paul Collins The Beat/The NERVES

“On their second album, Dangerous Game, these boys from Portland, OR bring more of those authentic glam sounds for which they've become known, adding just a touch of maturity while still rocking the roof off the place! Excellent stuff!"

  -David Bash, International Pop Overthrow 

“What I love about The Cry! is that they’re pop and proud of it! They understand the history and the craft of pop music. Ask them if “pop” is a dirty word, and they’ll just laugh and go listen to Buddy Holly. They write perfect melodies in their sleep and once that lead guitar hook gets stuck in your head, you’re doomed!”

- Daniel , North London Bomb Factor

“I just finished listening to the new album. Great job! It's a breathless collection full of high energy songs colored by a punk vocal aesthetic and good old-fashioned rock 'n' pop chops. The hooks are strong throughout; the backing vocals are top-notch; the album flows like fine wine with a kick. My two top favorites are "Hang 'n Me Up," and "Same Old Story." Thanks for ending the latter with that always-pleasing Beatles chord! Also on the faves list: "No Place to Go" and "Seventeen." I predict big things for this album. Anyone with even a passing interest in high-energy pop 'n' roll is going to go crazy for your latest effort!”

-Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

"As record label owner and full-time music business professional for 25 years now, it's hard not to listen to so very many new bands through a jaded filter of muted cynicism.  However, The CRY! represent everything that’s awesome, true and righteous with rock 'n roll.  There's no pretense and no shallow positioning to be more than what they are:  a young, hard-working and massively talented rock 'n roll band that are doing it old way, the only way.  Getting out on the road and playing songs that have been well honed and chiseled out in front of fans and, fortunately, their new album("Dangerous Game") captures every ounce of effort and excitement that makes the music-loving soul in me stir and shake.   It's the best thing I've heard in this new, young year of 2014 but the releases that will follow in the coming year are gonna have to work hard to supplant its present premiere positioning."

-Bruce Brodeen,

This album is hot! While frequently compared to a whole host of contemporary glam/punk and post Exploding Hearts pop groups, The CRY! to my mind is a class above them all. What I've loved about this band from the very beginning is that its songwriting and vocal arrangements are steeped in the timeless traditions of oldies and doo-wop. While all these guys are still in their early 20s, they show a tremendous appreciation for the history of rock n' roll and what made it so magical in the late '50s and early '60s. Part of what's so appealing about Dangerous Game is that it's a 100 percent DIY production. No outside producers or engineers were involved in the making of the album - just the band members and manager/mentor Greybush. In a day and age when high-tech trickery and turd-polishing gloss rule the productions of the music industry, it's great to hear a band focusing on writing great songs and actually singing well.

-Lord Rutledge, Faster and Louder

“The CRY! has caught lightening in a bottle with their sophomore release: Dangerous Game. Within the first five seconds of listening to the first song of the new album, I couldn’t help but to start bobbing my head and smiling. Their music is a refreshing blast of upbeat guitar riffs and vocals that made me feel like that first day of summer and their lead guitar work compliments the songs like the sun in the sky. This pop punk band has the right ingredients to make a hit with hints of glam and even a touch of doo-wop mixed in. They came to rock and that’s exactly what they do! If you’re a fan of music, there is no doubt that you’ll be a fan of The CRY! after listening to Dangerous Game.”

- John Wood,  WoodBangers Magazine

“Taking a cocky stance that spans power pop, 70s punk, glam, mod revival, late 50's doo-wop and every shade of Valentine's Day red in between, The CRY! are back in full swagger on their second LP Dangerous Game.   The band dissects the dangerous game called love every which way in 10 tracks that showcase a GS Scooter-full of guitar riffs, handclaps, and tight vocal interplay that includes backing harmonies, call-and-response volleys and shout-along choruses.  Dangerous Game  features more songs composed and sung by lead guitarist Brian Crace than the band's self-titled debut, and his smooth, straightforward delivery makes a nice contrast to the snot 'n' snarl (that's a compliment!) of lead vocalist Ray Nelsen. Opening with a riff lovingly copped from The Move's "Do Ya," the standout track "Discotheque" not only references T. Rex in its tale of meat market betrayal, but adds a sprinkle of stuttering vocals and an aggressive bit of funky disco guitar. The shortest track on Dangerous Game at less than two minutes, "Nowhere To Go" has such a made to order sing-along chorus that any bar crowd could easily extend the song into the wee hours of the night.  We saw The Cry! play fantastic shows in Youngstown and Cleveland in 2012. Here's hoping they make the 2,500 mile trek again. We'll know where to go.       

- Barry Eisenberg , Dirty Phoenix Productions